Who can access my account?

Information regarding your account is confidential and will not be released, even to your spouse, beneficiary or successor. If you wish, you may allow individuals such as your spouse or financial advisor to be an authorized agent, giving them one of four levels of access:

  • Level 1: Access information and account statements only
  • Level 2: Level 1 plus permission to make electronic contributions, change Tuition Levels (for the GSP), and move money among investment options (for the IP)
  • Level 3: Level 2 plus permission to authorize withdrawals (qualified and non-qualified)
  • Level 4: Full control including changing the account owner or beneficiary

For questions, or to designate a Level 1 authorized agent, call Customer Service at 1-800-440-4000. For Level 2 or 3, you must complete the Limited Power of Attorney/Agent Authorization form (GSP | IP). Level 4 requires a Power of Attorney form (GSP | IP). Forms for Levels 2-4 must be notarized. Permissions may be changed or revoked at any time in writing for Levels 2-4, or over the phone for Level 1.

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The Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program sponsors two plans-the Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) and the Investment Plan (IP). The guarantee of the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan is an obligation of the GSP Fund, not the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any state agency. Before investing in either plan, please carefully read that plan's disclosure to learn more about that plan including investment objectives, risks, fees, and tax implications.