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America Saves Week 2018

  • Monday, February 26 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST: Clarifi presents Understanding Your Credit Score
  • Participants learn the importance of using credit responsibly and the factors that lenders use to determine their creditworthiness. How to obtain, read, and correct information on a credit report and teach the necessary steps to establish credit and improve credit scores will be discussed.

    Presented by Joseph Wehr, chartered retirement planning counselor of Clarifi.

  • Tuesday, February 27 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST: PA Bankers Association presents Protecting Your Savings
  • Your financial institution does a lot behind the scenes to keep your savings safe and secure. But what can YOU do to protect your savings? What are the steps you should be taking now to ensure your hard-earned cash is not vulnerable to criminal activity?

    President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association Duncan Campbell shares information about the current cybersecurity landscape and provides tips on how you can be better prepared to prevent or react to any attacks on your financial information.

  • Wednesday, February 28 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST: PA Dept. of Banking and Securities presents Preparing for BIG Purchases
  • Preparing for Big Purchases focuses on the financial issues of buying new car or home. We will discuss the importance of your credit report, as well as the impact of the new purchase on your other financial obligations.

    Presented by Katrina Boyer, consumer outreach liaison of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.

  • Thursday, March 1 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST: PA Credit Union Association presents Savings 101
  • Whether you’re saving for something specific or establishing an emergency fund, you should have a plan to accomplish your goals. The session will cover why it’s important to have a savings account and provide strategies to achieve desired results.

    Presented by Carol Fastrich, assistant vice president of marketing and communications of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association.

  • Friday, March 2 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST: PA Dept. of Banking and Securities presents STaRT- Start Today and Retire Tomorrow
  • MOST Americans are NOT saving enough for retirement! MANY are NOT saving anything at all! The goal is to help you determine what your retirement goals are and how to help you get there. No matter where you are in the timeline for retirement, know that it’s never too late to start. That’s why we call this “Start Today and Retire Tomorrow.” While national statistics are not always positive – they indicate most of us are not saving enough for the futures we want tomorrow. The good news is that if we make changes today, we can create a better tomorrow.

    Presented by George Dillman, investor education coordinator of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.

College Savers


Saving for College Isn't Impossible...All You Need is a PlanSaving for College Isn't Impossible...All You Need is a Plan

The Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program has the plan you need. The program offers two plans and many investment options that have helped over 205,000 families of all income levels answer one of their biggest financial concerns- how to afford college.

A few of the topics you’ll hear about include: How you can save for college and save on your Pennsylvania income taxes, how you can avoid paying any federal or state income taxes on your college savings growth, how you can save for college with little impact on your chances for financial aid, how you can save for a semester of college today and cover a semester in the future no matter when or how much tuition has gone up in the meantime, and how saving can be made easy.

Account Owners


Using Your Pennsylvania 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan Account
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PA 529 GSP Account Owners: Learn how to lower your fees by as much as 20%
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PA 529 IP Account Owners: Learn how to lower your fees and avoid paying the annual account maintenance fee
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Using Your Pennsylvania 529 Investment Plan Account
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The HR Office as a Financial Resource: Implementing College Savings as a Voluntary Benefit

This webinar provides HR Professionals with an overview of the PA 529 College Savings Program and its PA 529 at Work outreach, while providing 1.25 hours of HRCI Pre-Approved CE credit. The presentation covers the current landscape of college affordability, why a college education is important, and how employers can support employees that want to save in the same manner as a retirement account. Offering a 529 plan as part of an existing benefit package is simple and inexpensive because the employer's role is usually limited to employee education and payroll deduction arrangements.

The PA 529 College Savings Program is a no-cost, easy to implement voluntary benefit administered by the PA Treasury Department. Learn how we can help your company develop a plan to implement this voluntary benefit to employees, assist your HR/Payroll department with a tailored communications plan, and answer any questions your employees may have. The PA 529 at Work outreach team is available to provide your workplace with information on the benefits and best ways to save for college with the PA 529 College Savings Program, including direct deposit programs.

The presentation covers the following topics in greater detail:

  • The benefits of saving for college with a 529 plan.
  • How to implement the PA 529 at Work program in the workplace.
  • Resources available to support the program roll-out.
  • How to teach staff about opening a 529 account and payroll deduction.

Learn about the PA 529 at Work and how you can enhance your company’s benefits package with the PA 529 College Savings Program. You may also learn more by emailing PA529@patreasury.gov or by calling 717.772.5000. Find additional resources at www.PA529.com.

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