Time is Running Out to Open a New PA 529 Plan!

Open and contribute to a PA 529 College and Career Savings Program by December 31, 2018, to take advantage of Pennsylvania state tax deductions.

The PA 529 College and Career Savings Program offers two savings plans to help you save for education, and provides great tax advantages, too.

Get started today! Enroll for FREE* through December 31, 2018, with code “PA529WINTER”.

Two ways to save

The PA 529 College and Career Savings Program includes two different savings plans. Choose the one that's right for you.

Guaranteed Savings Plan

Guaranteed Savings Plan

A lower-risk plan designed to help your savings keep pace with rising tuition.

Investment Plan

Investment Plan

Choose from 16 different investment options from The Vanguard Group.

* For the PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan. Enrollment in the PA 529 Investment Plan is free.

Enrollment Checklist

When setting up your PA 529 plan, please have the following information ready:

  • You: Address, birth date, Social Security number*
  • Your Bank (to make contributions from a checking or savings account): Your account number, routing number for your bank, and/or a "voided" blank check
  • Your Successor (optional, in case of incapacity or death): Birth date
  • Beneficiary (person for whom you're saving): Birth date, Social Security number*

PA 529 IP Plan only:

For UGMA or UTMA accounts, please use this form for the PA 529 GSP and this form for the PA 529 IP.

*We are required by federal law to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. If you don't provide the requested information, we may not be able to open your account. If we are unable to verify your identity, PA 529 reserves the right to close your account and return any contributions or take other steps we deem reasonable.

Connect With Us

Phone: 800-440-4000
Email: PA529@patreasury.gov


PA 529 College and Career Savings Program
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