Direct Deposit: Employer Benefits

No Cost to Employers Icon
No Cost to Employers

PA Treasury administers the plan and offers online enrollment to set up payroll deductions.

Graduation Cap
Improved Job Satisfaction

Employee compensation becomes more than payroll.

Employee Peace of Mind

Help address employee concerns about their children's future.

Tax Break Offering

PA state tax deduction lets employees deduct PA 529 contributions.

Schedule a Webinar

We can host an employee webinar before, during or after working hours about the importance of saving for education and the benefits of PA 529.

More ways we can help:
  • Lead "lunch and learns" for employees.
  • Attend staff benefits fairs.
  • Provide educational materials for staff and employees, including fact sheets, brochures and posters.
  • Talk with employees who are new parents about Keystone Scholars and the importance of saving early.